Fossil Fueled Fearmongering

Sandy Robson’s November 2014 article on fearmongering by fossil fuel export developers, i.e. SSA Marine, Peabody Coal and BNSF Railroad, raises a couple questions. One is why no local media is reporting on this, and another is why the Washington Secretary of State hasn’t censured their PACs for distributing misleading communications to influence elections.

Sandy’s January 2014 article at Whatcom Watch shined a light on these PACs and their collaboration with fossil fuel exporters in money-laundering to influence elections. It also illuminated their connection with the Tea Party and KGMI radio, both of which assisted CERA (“the Ku Klux Klan of Indian country”) in promoting inter-racial discord aimed at the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, which opposes fossil fuel export in their traditional territories. As noted at IC Magazine, capitalizing on fear is what the developers do best.

Drumming up resentment against Native Americans and environmentalists is established practice by Wise Use propagandists, and has a particularly violent past in the Greater Seattle area, as reported by Robson in her October 2013 article at Whatcom Watch. As noted in an article at NWCitizen in February 2014, Robson and Whatcom Watch were threatened by coal export consortium PR man Craig Cole. As reported at IC Magazine in February, the politics of land and bigotry has a long history in the Salish Sea region.


Save Birch Bay

This document on GPT is well done. Of note to tourism and fisheries is the fact that wind-blown coal dust from the uncovered coal stockyard (five half-mile long, six-story high piles) would coat all Birch Bay in corrosive coal dust. The stormwater runoff from these piles would generate millions of gallons of toxic waste water (containing mercury, arsenic and uranium) into the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve, all of which — due to tidal currents — would end up in Birch Bay.

Black beaches, toxic clams and crabs, will be the normal operating consequences of GPT–without a shipping accident.