As noted in the Vancouver Observer, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s pipeline panel released a report last Thursday on community concerns regarding the Kinder Morgan proposal to triple Tar Sands bitumen flowing from Alberta to the Burnaby, British Columbia shipping terminal in Greater Vancouver. Of particular interest is the fact that

former Prime Minister Stephen Harper removed pipeline reviews from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and handed it to the industry-dominated National Energy Board. This government “regulator” looked more like a Calgary oil company boardroom, even requiring its members to reside in the tar sands capital.

The author goes on to note that, “In the 2015 federal election, candidate Trudeau promised to overhaul the NEB and restart the review for the Kinder Morgan pipeline project. After the election, Prime Minister Trudeau apparently forgot his campaign promise. In January, the NEB hearings continued despite growing protests.”

Sensing that the NEB decision has already been made, and that the oil-industry-dominated NEB couldn’t care less about the impacts on British Columbia and the Salish Sea, Greenpeace–as reported in the Vancouver Sunannounced a Nov. 12 “workshop” in Vancouver to train pipeline opponents in methods of civil disobedience.

Tactics being presented include “peaceful sit-ins in offices, blockades to prevent bulldozers from reaching a construction site, art installations in the pipeline right-of-ways,” said spokesman Keith Stewart.

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