Tribal-Threatening Changes

As tribes and friends of the Salish Sea ponder what the election of a President who has openly demeaned American Indians might mean in terms of their hard-fought victory in the Netwar at Cherry Point, scholars of religion weigh in on the ominous implications of the election of a Vice President who has made his political career a Biblical crusade. With tribal-threatening changes in personnel imminent at the Departments of Interior, Justice and Commerce, advances made by Indian tribes over the last forty years can now be swept aside with the stroke of an executive pen.

Meanwhile, Christian dominionists are rejoicing that President Trump has said he will put Vice President Pence in charge of all foreign and domestic policy, while he makes America great again.

For readers who wish to understand Christian fascism in the US, INSiGHT journal, Volume 2, FALL 2016 examines religious hysteria in America, and the spiritual warfare of Puritanical conservatism against socialism and the indigenous peoples’ movement.

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