Vengeance and the Divine

As I quoted Rudolph C. Ryser in my post Moment of Truth,

indigenous nations must take the initiative to take back that which is and always has been theirs: land, resources and freedom to moveTaking back your land and resources they stole, as Chief George Manuel urged, is the only alternative to self-destruction.

This is the first time in twenty years that I have heard Dr. Ryser recommend the full exercise of legal and police powers by tribal nations. As the co-founder of the Center for World Indigenous Studies–the premier indigenous think-tank in the world–his word carries weight with Fourth World scholars, activists and civic leaders worldwide.

Fourth World Land Reclamation, as we witness at Standing Rock, can be both a dangerous and a noble endeavor. Indeed, it is already battling a headwind from the Wrath of God.

May the spirit be with you.

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