Shutting Down Fish Farms

Why would state agencies charged with overseeing fisheries and the environment ever have allowed Atlantic salmon fish farms to exist in Washington?  The short answer is corruption. Fish farm owners are large corporations, and permitting invasive species like Atlantic salmon to spread their diseases in the Salish Sea was the result of lobbying.

Why anyone would want to eat these mushy fish–full of antibiotics–is a mystery, but as the Chinese learned, the routine misuse of antibiotics (especially in factory-produced meat and seafood) has lethal impacts on public health. With antibiotic resistant bacteria now creating epidemics in Russia, shutting down fish farms in the US makes sense.



For the century prior to the southern resident Orcas starving to death, toxic pollution from petrochemicals was their greatest threat. Now, if Salish Sea oil refineries have their way, petrochemicals could deliver the final blow.

One of these toxic petrochemicals, xylene, is the subject of the current conflict between the Andeavor Anacortes Refinery and Friends of the San Juans.