Bold Leadership

Debra Lekanoff of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community is the first Native American woman to be elected to the Washington State House of Representatives.


Stopping Syncrude

While Greenpeace collaborators continue their charade as guardians of the environment, the real guardians, i.e. Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, are fighting for their lives. As Syncrude Canada seeks to expand its oil sands operations in Alberta, collaborators like Tzeporah Berman–who took payoffs* from Sunoco during the first phase of the Tar Sands boreal forest decimation and contamination of the Athabasca River–compete for attention with the Indigenous leaders they sold out.

*See Corporate Crimes, First Nations & Environmental Organizations.

Eagle Fest

Thirty-five thousand eagles have gathered along the Fraser Valley–including the ‘salmon stronghold’ Harrison River tributary–to gorge on salmon in preparation for winter. As CBC News reports, “the world’s largest congregation of bald eagles” happens just 100 kilometres east of Vancouver. The 7,000 eagles at Harrison Mills are there because the Harrison River is the single most productive salmon river in Canada.

Death Sentence

Tribal elders from Washington state and British Columbia spoke in Victoria before the National Energy Board (NEB) to make it clear that approval of Trans Mountain is a death sentence for their cultural way of life. The dramatic increase in marine shipping alone would cause significant environmental harm; a collision in the San Juan/Gulf islands could devastate all life in the Salish Sea.

Washington Department of Ecology told the NEB last month it must consider impacts to the treaty-protected fishing rights of Washington tribes. An energy board spokesman said the board will consider the environmental effects of Trans Mountain, even if they occur outside Canada’s territorial waters.

Trans Mountain Scandal

Falsifying public reports on behalf of Trans Mountain pipeline, in order to scare Canadians into accepting Tar Sands crude export on the Salish Sea, is yet another example of the extent of the Kinder Morgan scandal in which Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau play notorious roles. As noted in the National Observer, both the concepts of economic loss and capacity need–used to justify the Canadian government purchase of the crumbling Trans Mountain pipeline–are false. In reality, the Gulf Coast is a better bet. Long story short, Trans Mountain is not needed.