For the century prior to the southern resident Orcas starving to death, toxic pollution from petrochemicals was their greatest threat. Now, if Salish Sea oil refineries have their way, petrochemicals could deliver the final blow.

One of these toxic petrochemicals, xylene, is the subject of the current conflict between the Andeavor Anacortes Refinery and Friends of the San Juans.


Stealth Republicans

Stealth Republican candidates for Whatcom County Council and Port of Bellingham are exposed by SJ Robson. Mary Kay Robinson, Tyler Byrd, Dan Robbins and Ken Bell–all of whom have “direct campaign financial ties” with the Whatcom Republican Party–are trying to hide that relationship from voters.

The Tea Party-led Whatcom First PAC–supporting Republican candidates since 2013–has direct financial ties to the Cherry Point coal export consortium, and actively promoted anti-Indian racism on KGMI.

Minimum Expectations

The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) will discuss proposing a carbon-tax initiative for the November 2018 ballot in Washington State. ATNI president Fawn Sharp observes that, “Others are advancing proposals, and we cannot be part of standing on the sidelines while we witness a woefully underfunded or woefully ineffective proposal move forward to the people.”

Law and Precedent

Seattle Human Rights Commission denounces attack on treaty rights of Northwest Tribes by Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson.

Most concerning is the racially tinged suggestion that treaty rights undermine democracy…Washington’s litigation stance offends both the treaty rights of Washington’s tribes, and their human rights, guaranteed in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.