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True Intentions

After attempting to steal the November county executive race through dirty tricks, money laundering and illegal campaign donations, Phillips 66 has pulled its application to build an additional refinery at Cherry Point. Phillips says it’s because the county and state governments require them to complete an environmental impact statement, but that’s nonsense. What really happened is that their boy Tony Larson lost the election, leaving them without an insider to corrupt county government in their favor.

Scurrying Fascist Cockroaches

The thing about the scurrying fascist cockroaches at Whatcom Business Alliance and its adjunct Common Threads Northwest is their unfettered commitment to the Reagan Revolution agenda against free speech, civil rights and public health. Their hatred for democracy, environmentalism and cultural diversity flows seamlessly from their media special forces, husband-and-wife team of James and Laura McKinney who in 2018 were spotlighted in Anti-Indian Movement Part 6: Players Program.

As reported at Noisy Waters Northwest, James continues the Whatcom Business Alliance tradition of serious fraud promoted by fellow oil company mercenary and pathological liar, Tony Larson, whose Tea Party cabal constitutes a public menace.

A New Beginning

With the election of the first person of color as Whatcom County Executive comes an opportunity for a new beginning–creating a multi-cultural democracy–and ending the corruption of Whatcom politics by BP, Phillips 66, and Whatcom Business Alliance.

While the elections are over, the politics continue, and unless the good citizens of Whatcom County drive a stake through the heart of the racist Tea Party network that spawned Common Threads Northwest and the Citizens for a Better Northwest Washington PAC, they will keep undermining democracy and promoting racism.


Speaking truth to power is an habitual virtue of progressives, but what does that mean? The corrupt and powerful already know the truth; they spend a fortune bribing media to cover it up. If you’re going to go to the trouble of doing research, so you know what the truth is, you might as well share it with those who can help you disperse the concentration of power now monopolized by market and institutional organizations.

For seven years*, the market forces involved in fossil fuel export schemes at Cherry Point have attempted to dominate all discussion of vital issues by preventing counter-power narratives from entering mainstream consciousness. Mainstream media, on the take, has played an essential role in silencing the truth.

Concerned citizens and good government groups are frequently blind-sided by an opposition playing by a different set of rules. Part of this is put down to the fact that the models they bring to these situations don’t work. Often, their response to a problem is in a complete vacuum of information. While it’s real easy to get a lot of people involved in a community response, it’ll usually be ineffective because they don’t know what they’re up against.

–Paul de Armond**

Research provides the facts and builds a knowledge base. That knowledge is filtered through analysis to determine strategy. Operational research guides the tactics used to accomplish the strategy. In netwar, multiple groups adopt their understanding of the situation to develop the strategy and tactics most favorable to achieving their goals.

Instead of speaking truth to power, speak truth to take power.

*see White Power on the Salish Sea

** see Communications in Conflict

Time to Act

Responding to the egregious violation of campaign finance law in the 2019 and 2013 Whatcom County elections, Whatcom League of Women Voters are holding a public educational event at Bellingham Unitarian, 1207 Ellsworth, 10-12 am, Saturday, Nov 16.

Following the Money in our Political Campaigns info: (360) 927-4413

[Editor’s note: Lest anyone should get their hopes up, the PDC that upholds campaign finance law in WA State is a toothless watchdog; the task of cleaning up the corruption of Whatcom society by Common Threads Northwest, Whatcom Business Alliance, and the Citizens for a Better Northwest Washington PAC is up to the residents of Whatcom County. Education is good, but it’s going to take action, and that means confronting corrupt local media that consistently failed to inform the public about the blatant racism, corruption, and public menace posed by the oil refinery-funded fascism.]

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