Coupeville Cover-Up

The U.S. Navy’s fighter jet training on Whidbey Island near Coupeville is scheduled to increase 600%. Meanwhile, the Navy’s cover-up of its contamination of public and private water wells in the area has locals up in arms.

As reported in the San Juan Journal, the public health and safety of residents is threatened by toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and heart disease. As environmental consultant Rick Abraham–working with Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve–remarked, “The Navy’s approach to this pollution problem is no different than that of any big industrial polluter seeking to avoid criticism, reduce liability, and continue business-as-usual.”

Abraham says,

Downplaying the seriousness of the problem, dragging out investigations, and keeping the public in the dark is what they too often do.

New Situation

The religious networks that are crucial to indigenous peoples in the US need to appreciate the new situation. As of January 20, all three branches of the U.S. Government align with Wall Street and corporate media against them.

Religious leaders’ blind spots, i.e. vigilante groups, will respond to prompts from the new administration and media to intimidate tribal governments opposing the fossil fuel industry. In this new situation, most present allies of these tribes will run and hide.

The important thing is that religious leaders respect the value of opposition research, and seek out researchers to help them. Their networks have education programs, that would benefit from the Public Good Archives.
Three essential documents from the Public Good Archives Netwar Reader that they need to study in order to understand modern social conflict: 
  1. Communications in Conflict
  2. Communication, Power and Counter-power in the Network Society
  3. Netwar at Cherry Point

Fracking Bakken

The moral theatre at Standing Rock has been inspirational, but it all could have been avoided had Obama not approved fracking millions of acres of Bakken Shale in North Dakota. The pipelines and bomb trains emanating from that disastrous decision will haunt us for generations.

Vengeance and the Divine

As I quoted Rudolph C. Ryser in my post Moment of Truth,

indigenous nations must take the initiative to take back that which is and always has been theirs: land, resources and freedom to moveTaking back your land and resources they stole, as Chief George Manuel urged, is the only alternative to self-destruction.

This is the first time in twenty years that I have heard Dr. Ryser recommend the full exercise of legal and police powers by tribal nations. As the co-founder of the Center for World Indigenous Studies–the premier indigenous think-tank in the world–his word carries weight with Fourth World scholars, activists and civic leaders worldwide.

Fourth World Land Reclamation, as we witness at Standing Rock, can be both a dangerous and a noble endeavor. Indeed, it is already battling a headwind from the Wrath of God.

May the spirit be with you.

Prelude to Civil War

A while back, I remarked that the Netwar at Cherry Point over a coal terminal was merely an opening battle in the fossil fuel export war. The conflict over shipping Alberta Tar Sands oil and Bakken Shale crude out of Burrard Inlet and Cherry Point–under the anti-Indian Trump regime–will test the mettle of the indigenous and religious combatants like never before.

When we helped defeat the Aryan Nations/Minutemen/Christian Patriot militias in the 1990s, the key to community organizing across five Northwest states was the marriage of anti-fascist researchers with networks of religious leaders devoted to respecting cultural diversity. Churches and synagogues were our educational meeting places, and provided the nucleus of leadership in the human rights task forces established in response to white supremacy violence targeting American Indians, LGBTs, Blacks and Jews.

Using research as an organizing tool, we helped shut down a hate radio station in Montana, and gathered evidence that led to the conviction of seven Christian Patriots in U.S. District Court in Seattle. These primary documents created a larger context of history, that serves as the basis for informed opinion based on knowledge.

Our researchers set up a monitoring network to share information and intelligence on white supremacist organizing, that was used by law enforcement, major educational institutions, and news outlets in making sense of right-wing paramilitary terrorism in the US. You can read more about this history in the Public Good Archives.

Communications in Conflict, the quintessential publication on netwar, serves as a touchstone for those who realize the connection between intelligent communications and networked power. For novices, it serves as an orientation to the science of coercion.

Trump’s choice for U.S. Attorney General is Jeff Sessions, who–as Attorney General of Alabama, and as a U.S. Senator–fought against civil rights. The Attorney General is the head of the U.S. Department of Justice, that sets legal policy in the areas of civil rights and environmental enforcement.

This is not the beginning of difficult times; it is the prelude to civil war.