Holy Warriors

IC Magazine and High Country News coverage of anti-Indian organizations like CERA and its allies in the Tea Party exposes white supremacy ideology and infrastructure within the anti-Indian movement in the United States.

The driving force of the anti-Indian movement in the United States is Christian Identity doctrine, the core belief of Christian Patriots, otherwise known as the militias. Two Christian Patriots committed mass murder in Oklahoma City; seven more were convicted on explosives charges in Seattle. The Militia of Montana and Aryan Nations in Idaho are the best-known examples of holy warriors challenging the authority of state and federal courts to try them for treason and other crimes. CERA is their bedfellow.

My case study Anti-Indian Movement on the Salish Sea–published by CWIS in January, examines them as well as other players like the Tea Party that abet Corporate Crimes.


Partners in Crime

The acting head of the EPA made a point about the Trump partnership with industry at the expense of public health and safety while visiting Seattle. Meeting with anti-environmental organizations like the Washington Farm Bureau and major polluters like Boeing, acting administrator Andrew Wheeler is presently considering a petition from pulp mills to weaken water quality standards.

Future of Burrard Inlet

While the Government of Canada licks its wounds over the Trans Mountain court loss after being busted for the shell game it pulled regarding First Nations consultation, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation is working with the Vancouver Port Authority to clean up areas in Burrard Inlet polluted by past heavy industrial abuse. Restoring North Vancouver mudflats might not yield harvestable shellfish at all three Burrard Inlet estuaries, but restoring marine life overall will allow harvest activities elsewhere in the inlet.

No New Jets

After confronting the Navy in 2016 for polluting their wells on Whidbey Island, residents of greater Coupeville are now battling the Department of Defense over massive increases of the deafening Growler fighter jets practicing over Anacortes, Coupeville, Port Townsend and the San Juan Islands. In taking on the Navy, the 25,000-member Sound Defense Alliance is “working to protect our communities and natural environment from increasing and harmful impacts of expanded military activity around Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula.”

Kith and Kin

Like their fellow mammal homo sapiens, the Orca whales live in highly-evolved societies based on kinship. With a similar lifespan, elders of confederated pods are able to pass on knowledge accumulated over many generations.

In Southeast Alaska, there was once a halibut long-liner whose boat a particular pod adopted as their provider of fresh fish. Whenever he tried to sneak out of the harbor–day or night–they recognized the sound of his engine, and lined up behind him waiting for the halibut to be reeled in.

The recent 17-day spectacle of grief displayed by Tahlequah, the Orca mother who lost her calf to malnutrition, is perhaps a watershed moment. Unlike human protests against pollution and greed, this message cannot be misrepresented.


According to the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, Chinook salmon and Orca whales are not threatened by human consumption of the prized ‘King’salmon, but they are threatened by an overpopulation of seals and sea lions. That, ongoing pollution, and loss of habitat to development are the culprits, not humans enjoying a Chinook BBQ.

Meanwhile, Northwest Treaty Tribes–such as the Swinomish and Sauk-Suiattle–are making great strides in improving habitat and removing obstacles that restrict salmon spawning territory.